How much is the PVC leather?
It depends on your thickness, designs, backing and quantity.

What is the normal thickness with PVC leather?
Bag leather (0.6mm~1.2mm) Sofa/Car seat cover leather (0.7mm~1.5mm)
Shoe leather(1.0mm~2.5mm) Shoe lining leather (0.5mm~1.0mm) Garment leather
Garment leather(0.2mm~0.8mm)

What is the difference between PVC leather and PU leather?
The hand feeling and elasticity of PVC leather is worse than PU leather.
The price of pvc leather is cheaper than the pu leather.

What are the features of PVC leather?
waterproof, elastic, anti-scratch , anti-mildew, anti-uv, abrasion-resistant etc…

What is the delivery time for PVC leather?
20~25days after the order confirmed.

What is the MOQ of the PVC leather?
500~1000meters one color/design.

What is the quantity can be loaded in the 20 feet container?
It depends on your thickness.